Playing Poker Using a Tight Aggressive Style of Play

Playing Poker Using a Tight Aggressive Style of Play

Playing poker tight aggressive can be a very safe and profitable way of making money playing poker if you have the right tools at your disposal. The biggest danger you face when playing poker tight is getting very ‘scared’ out of tournaments by playing too conservatively. You can scare yourself out of tournaments, lose a lot of chips, and never make it back if you ever do have a poor game.

BUT do not be scared, you are in control and you actually have a lot of power here. There are certain abilities and techniques that you can employ while playing that will help you make sure your bankroll is taken care of while still giving you a good time.

Calling for the raise:

A lot of players, even very good ones, tend to call for the raise or raise back when they are in a heads up battle. They reason that since they’ve already gone out they might as well raise to keep the pot Ladder’d.

Well if you’re doing this, you are definitely throwing away chips. You’re not increasing the pot, and if you think about it, if you don’t raise you aren’t going to be able to look at your opponents’ cards. After all, they’re doing that math for their own reason why they are entering the pot in the first place.

The answer is: doing this will mostly depend on your opponents’ abilities and what they are doing. It is important to be creative in your playing style but you need to be targeting players that over-flop like the guessers. Create a new strategy and twist it to fit your players’ styles.

Loose passive playing style:

A loose passive style is pretty much the opposite of a tight aggressive player. Since their bets are not always high, they are less likely to cause the big pots. However, loose passive players can be very hard to play against.

It’s pretty easy to make a referral to a loose aggressive player. This is when you see a player who is betting and raising without much effect. Add that player to your buddy list.

Players change their style according to game and other circumstances. If your opponent is calling a lot of hands, you can narrow his selection down significantly. Now when he does play a hand, you know he has a very good hand.

This fellow could be playing an extremely loose aggressive game and sometimes he’ll over-raise when he has a monster or commonly the nuts. When he does this, you know he has the goods.


The ability to make quick decisions under fire, make good reads and decisions, and to Consequently play your best hands quickly LASTS.

Playing your hands correctly pre-flop, on the flop, on the turn and the river IS key. These are skills that should already be developed and honed when on a serious poker site. But in online poker, you want to continue improving your style.

If you want to win a poker tournament you will need to master your poker skills. Those friends of yours that keep winning in your town may not be your friends if you can’t pull off the ups.

Making a comeback after a bad beat usually won’t work. You don’t want your ego to fail and you certainly don’t want to lose your stack the fastest way.

When you are deciding to call your opponent out on a bluff try to be confident. If you’re not confident you just won’t be, plus if he’s a good player, he’ll be right. The more confidence you display, the more of an assurance to your fellow poker players.

Confidence is also greatly affected by the other players’ behavior. If you play in a favorable environment, with easy competition and players more willing to fold against you, you will naturally have more confidence.

Another good time to flex your poker muscles is when your opponent refers to you as a fish or a quitter. Although you don’t want to be called a Bolagila, the better players at the table won’t take your personal preference out of the equation. If you play on a regular basis and have proven you can handle the tough hands, you might want to refer to yourself that way.

Most poker websites allow you to upload a photo of yourself, so that you can always give the appearance of being a young, attractive and smart player. In addition, if you’re repeatedly called out on your anonymity, at least now you will look like a tough guy/s.

In general, don’t refer to your opponents as fishes, since they are probably better than you. And finally, the best poker players know it is not about the hand that you hold, but more about the entire concept of the game, including the attitude and style of the player.

This is something that in any aspect filled the entire poker community in poker.

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