The Lord of the Rings Poker Set

The Lord of the Rings Poker Set

The Lord of The Rings: Journeys Card Game is now one of the most popular card games available in the market today. Probably the only card game set which can be considered complete, this set has got a massive following all around the world. The Lord of the Rings Poker Set is the set of cards for the fans of this series who want to host a game at home. Let us check out the insights on the Lord of the Rings Poker Set.

Style is definitely the most important aspect when it comes to choosing a poker chip for your home game. Poker chips that come in clay, metal, plastic and other designs just don’t compare. Players have a choice on the style that they want to buy. It is also important to buy the right quantity to avoid wastage of money and energy.

After you select the kind of material for your poker chip, you should also consider the weight. We all know that weight is an important factor when it comes to a poker chip. The Lord of the Rings Poker Set is heavy and the detail is definitely better than the light weight chips of similar quality. The design is quite elaborate and the chips stand up to the pressure very well. Almost all sets come with a protective synthetic material which makes these chips last for a lifetime.

Next in line is the set of playing cards that come with this set. The Lord of the Rings Poker Card Set is a standard deck of five playing cards that come in a sleek black Traveller Shoe. The bottom of the shoe is colored in Living Grey which looks gorgeous on the table. The playing cards comes with their Broadbows Statues and there is a display that has the pictures of the individual arches on the cards.

The Lord of the Rings Poker Card Set is a deck of cards which runs on the ripple of the finest cards. The playing cards has all the marks of a high quality poker set. One would have never doubt about the quality of these cards. The heavy card stock and the best quality of coating makes these cards stand apart from all other sets. These cards will not wear a hole in them and the colors are attractive as well.

When looking for a Afapoker chip set, the Lord of the Rings Card Stud Set is one of the best options available. When you buy this set, you will certainly not regret your decision. There is no question about the quality of the set and the brilliant appearance. You can feel secure in the knowledge that your friends and poker buddies will love the look of these cards as much as you do. The richly detailed drawings of the cards and the fantastic quality of the chip make these cards unique and long lasting.

You can pick up the Lord of the Rings Card Stud Poker Set for a good price at a discount price. The set is a good value for anyone who wants to have the closest look at a poker chip set. At $39.99, it is a very good bargain for those looking for a quality card set.

You will probably be very happy with the Lord of the Rings Card Stud Poker Set. Probably the only thing you are going to have to change are the dice or the chips, as those things usually take up too much room on the table. Maybe you can use the Lord of the Rings Poker Card Stud Set as your next gift to the one you love.