The Smart Way to Maximize Spotify

Spotify music streaming service can be enjoyed by all of us. But to maximize use there are some tricks that must be done. Anything?

Choose Offline to Save Data

If you use premium services, it is possible to download songs or playlists. As a result, we can still listen to songs when not connected to WiFi or cellular signals. This method can also save your internet data usage.

To download songs or playlists is quite easy. It is recommended to use a WiFi connection so that your cellular data quota is not drained. The way:

  • When opening a playlist, slide the button on the Available Offline option to the right.
  • Open a song, then slide the Available Offline option to the right. Or you can first press Save, then press the menu icon in the top left corner, select Your Music followed by Song. Then slide the Available Offline option button to the right to save all songs.

Maximize Sound Quality

Spotify offers three choices of sound quality, namely Normal, High and Extreme Quality. The sound quality can be selected in the streaming or download options. But keep in mind the higher the sound quality, the bigger the song size when downloaded and more data when streamed.

As for the settings:

  1. Press the main menu in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap the Gear icon in the lower right corner to enter the Settings section.
  3. On iOS press the Streaming Quality option. While on Android, scroll up to find Music Quality.
  4. You just choose the audio quality on the Streaming and Download options.

It is also possible to adjust the equalizer. On iOS, the settings can be done in the Settings section, then open PlayBack, scroll to find Equalizer. While on Android, it’s in the Music Quality section.


Besides on smartphone and tablet devices, we can listen to Spotify’s collection via desktop or notebook. You do this by downloading the Spotify application for Windows and OS X.

Simply open the Spotify site then log in. After logging in, press the Download option at the top. After downloading, do the installation. It doesn’t take long to install this application.

In actual appearance is not too different from the mobile version. We can also listen to collections offline, but interestingly the Lyric feature is available. So that we can sing along without needing to memorize or look for the lyrics first. To display it, just press the Lyrics button at the bottom.


Confused to listen to what music? We can easily find it by pressing Browse on the main menu. At the top will appear a number of playlists that might be suitable to listen to at the time. Or scroll down, we will find playlist options that are tailored to the genre and mood.

It is also possible to create your own playlist. You do this by opening a song, press the three-point icon, then select the Add to Playlist option. Press the + button to create a new playlist. Perform the same steps for other songs that you want to be included in the playlist.

Interestingly, we can make a playlist together with friends. The steps are enough to create a new playlist or use an existing one. Then press the three-dot button at the top right, select the Make Collaborative option. After that, press the three-point icon again, then select the Share option. Send a link to your friends who you want to collaborate with.

To delete a playlist on iOS, press the Edit button followed by the red button. Once the Delete option appears, press to delete the playlist. While on Android just press the three-point icon, then select Delete Playlist.

Local Music

If you have saved the song on your device, you can listen to it using Spotify. You do this by pressing the main menu button on the top left, select Your Music, press Local File.


We can use the iPhone or Android as a remote when playing music on the computer. The steps are to play a song, at the bottom there is a Device Available. When pressing it the choice of device will appear. Press Desktop if you want to play on the notebook, or This Phone to keep listening on the cellphone.


Spotify services can collaborate with Facebook. So what is being heard will be posted on Facebook. In addition, we can see friends on Facebook who is listening to what music. To collaborate on Facebook in Spotify, press the Social option in the Settings section.

Well, if the music you are listening to does not want to be posted on Facebook. Select the Private Session option in the same setting.


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