These 5 Tips for Safe and Comfortable Internet Access for Families

Understanding digital track records can make today’s generation of children more sensitive to the information they share or get. This understanding is considered very important in order to avoid the danger of cybercrime.

User Education and Outreach Manager, Trust & Safety revealed, Google APAC, Lucian Teo, technological advances have made human life easier. However, Google believes that parental cooperation is needed to help families adopt technology wisely and safely.

Google, said Lucian, has a variety of products to make the use of the internet safer. “Protection and regulation have been developed, and integration into many of our products to enable parents to choose the experience and setting that is right for their family,” said Lucian.

Google also provides 5 tips for making your internet experience safe and comfortable:

Set digital rules with Family Link

Family Link can help better understand children’s behavior while browsing the internet while helping to manage their accounts and compatible devices. You can also set boundaries that fit your family’s needs by:

  • Keep an eye on device usage time and limit daily access
  • Satisfy children’s curiosity with a variety of applications that are recommended by teachers
  • Lock your child’s device remotely
  • See their activities
  • See the location of their whereabouts
  • Manage the accounts and applications they use

Block adult sites with SafeSearch filters

The SafeSearch setting is designed to block adult images, videos and sites from Google Search results, to avoid pornographic and violent content. However, SafeSearch is not a perfect tool, and you might still find explicit search results.

If so, you can report it. “Reports and user feedback can help us improve SafeSearch to make it better for everyone,” Lucian said.

Use a Google Assistant

Google’s assistant has a variety of activities to entertain the family, from giving game recommendations to play together, to games like guessing pictures. There are currently more than 50 games, activities, and stories in the Assistant for Families program.

Parents can determine whether children are allowed to access third-party applications in the Assistant or not.

Security on Google Play

To help you determine the content that is suitable for children, read reviews and look for the family star icon in the application or game. This star icon signifies that the content has been carefully reviewed and that the application or game has been developed with a priority for children.

This star icon also displays the recommended age range for the content.

Check the content rating to understand the maturity level of an application, and set filters based on the rating to determine the right application for children.

If you want to find out if an application contains advertisements, has an in-app purchase feature, or requires device permission, you can check the additional information section on the application’s page in the Play Store.

Access YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids can be an option for children to access safe content on YouTube. In this application, parents can control the content that can be accessed.

Jam because videos and channels are available only for children, parents can also set a timer to cope with their watch time. Parents can also monitor and find out what videos the child is watching through the “Watch again” feature, and disable the search feature.

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