How to Beat the Dealer

How to Beat the Dealer

Have you ever wondered how to beat the dealer? Of course you did, as have I. How could you not be interested in the game of twenty-one? The game of twenty-one is so beatable it is as easy to learn as counting cards. But of course counting cards is illegal, so I am going to teach you how to beat the dealer into giving you your millions. But be warned, when you teach yourself to count cards, you may learn how to beat the dealer!

First, when the dealer is dealing cards, there should be no cards left in the deck on the table to help the dealer make winning totals on his cards. So you must be very careful as to only take cards when they are dealt face up. Also, when you deal cards, you must be very careful not to give your dealer signal preference. If you teach your dealer signals, he may be able to pick up your signals and use them against you.

The key to beating the dealer is to have a very good understanding of your hand and what he has. Figuring this out takes a few lessons. The best way to teach yourself to beat the dealer is to watch the way the dealer plays his cards. Watch for indicating how the pokerboya plays his cards, and then try to make that play your own. If you are at all a player, you should be able to tell when the dealer is bluffing or not. To do this, you must be keenly aware of all the dealer’s cards that have been played, and those cards still in the deck. Whether or not the dealer has bust his hand, there are cards still on the deck. The lesson here is that the deck is not empty. Do not think that aces are leveled. Aces are still available to the dealer. Also, there are other cards that can be played, although you should not expect these to be returned to the deck. The reason for these rules is so that the casino will not be cheated out of any money. The casino still makes money when you lose.

Do not be fooled by the various systems out there on the shelves. Do not be lured by the sales pages that claim a system that never loses. That is a system that is guaranteed to fail you. It is also easy to learn and purchase a card counting system that does work. The problem is, your education and experience will not be any use to you. The only way to win card counting is to statistically prove that you will win. It is a statistics challenge. With the Volper formula, you can learn about the statistics, but you will never be able to prove to yourself that you will win. That is the nature of the game – you must be willing to challenge yourself to learn beyond anything else. Most people are just not willing or able to make the effort.

If you are just playing for fun, you should buy a deck of cards with dozens of symbols on them. Don’t let the deck or dealer decide what symbols to play. If you play cards correctly, you can beat the casinos and walk away a winner. When playing cards, you need to know a few special rules as well. One of these rules is that many cards with the same value or symbol will not work with your strategy. For example, a four and five will never work with a four and five rule. Many other cards have no bearing on your tactic at all. Don’t be fooled into thinking otherwise.

The best way to win at cards is to patiently study every hand and the cards over the course of a number of deals. You can never master the game overnight. pencil and paper can do the best job for you, but they can also trap you and make you a mediocre player. However, if you never play cards except in special situations, you can get a great advantage over players who like to pull the deck across the table.