Pick 4 Queens Lotto Lottery Game – Ticket Sales Through the Years

Pick 4 Queens Lotto Lottery Game - Ticket Sales Through the Years

Reciation for the Pick 4 game is not limited to just the United States of America. Indeed, Canada and international countries have their own versions of Pick 4 games that are enjoyed by lottery icionados.

Canadian Pick 4 games are known for having dates as their lottery numbers. This feature is not common in the US lottery as its lottery numbers are chosen by an automated system. The dates are selected by a computer that is operated by the operators of the lottery.

The Pick 4 games in Canada are drawn twice a day, all seven days of a week. If you want to win the Pick 4 lottery in Canada, it’s best to be quick to buy the tickets as they are allowed to be sold thirty-nine days a week.

In Canada, they have numbers 49 to 50 and the first digit is automatically selected. The rest of the numbers to be chosen by the machine are determined by the type of game selected. In the Toronto Pick 4 game, the numbers are automatically drawn and you will find that they always have the number 49.

Just like in the United States of America, there are many different types of Pick 4 that you can choose from. You can choose from straight box, box to test, front pair, back pair, exact order, and combination order.

If you want to know how to play Pick 4 in Canada, you will be glad to know that there are different ticket numbers to choose from. The first type of ticket you may have heard about is the Straight Ticket. If you play this game, you will be choosing from only ten different numbers. These are the numbers that do not have the same value as the numbers 1 to 10 in the sequence.

In this type of game, you can choose from Pengeluaran Sgp 2022 Hari Ini Tercepat. This means that from these ten numbers, you will be able to play around 29 draws in advance. As you may have already known, you can purchase the tickets themselves or pick them up for delivery. It can be decided that you will not take your chances and bet the same ticket again after the previous draw because it already has occurred. However, you can change your mind and cancel the current ticket at anytime. However, if you are lucky enough to win the lottery, the first thing you need to do is to sign the back of the ticket for accuracy.

Another type of ticket in the Pick 4 lottery game is the Box Ticket. This ticket allows you to play more than one set of digits and you can select the numbers the way you want them to be drawn. All you have to do is to mark the box to receive your prize. Make sure that you select the box to containing the prize you want and do not mark the box that contains the number you want to have drawn.

There are also other tickets available, such as the full house ticket which contains six sets of digits in the same order as the winning draw. Make sure that you get your revenge on the Pick 4 only by playing the game calledorialelette. This game will be a jackpot prize if the selected combination has the same last digits as the one drawn.

To be a successful lottery player, it’s important that you make sure that you learn the various lottery games and the ways to win at these games. However, this is easier said than done because every one of these games requires for you to be able to choose the correct combination of numbers in advance. If you are keen on winning at this game, then make sure that you also take planned and researched strategies so that you will also be able to win in this game.

A proven way on how to win at Pick 4 lottery games is not to rely on your luck. Some people believe that if they rely on their luck, they may win big and when they win, they will not be able to handle the huge amount of jackpot prize. However, applying proven strategies for winning in Pick 4 lottery games will be able to help you reduce yourlerousness and make you an effective player of the game.

There are many strategies available for Pick 4 lottery. The proven ones are the ones mentioned above and it only remains for you to apply these strategies so that you will be able to win at these games. Although playing Pick 4 lottery is entirely based on luck, playing with a planned strategy will help you win big and you achieve the goal.

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How to Play Super Aggressive No Limit Texas Holdem Poker

How to Play Super Aggressive No Limit Texas Holdem Poker

Do you know why more and more players are wanting to know how to play super aggressive No Limit Texas Holdem Poker? I think this is because everyone is catching on that aggression is the biggest thing in poker today. Everyone is realizing that if you play super aggressive you will win a lot of pots. The problem is, unless you are a happen-and-to-be player, it might be a little scary. “How do I do this?” “How do I do that?” is exactly what a lot of players, including you, want to know.

But, the thing is, aggressive play is not super easy. Sure, it might be easy to master for someone who does it all-the-time in cash games and such, but most likely most of the great players in poker got their stripes in the aggressive play of NL Hold’em. And, NL Hold’em is definitely not NL Hold’em. NL Hold’em is definitely Henny Frenchman, and luck doesn’t automatically translate into good play. Whether or not luck helps you will depend largely on the other people at the table. However, if there is one thing all of the great poker players have in common, and probably one thing in common for most of the great players, and that’s they’ve all studied hard. They know what to do with ANY hand. Period. They can read numbers, they know percentages, they know odds, they know specific percentages on ANY hand range. They know RAises and Blinds cost them less money than any other hand, so why RAISE someone else’s blind? Why leave everything to chance when you can take care of it yourself?

It’s not like you’re learning a new language, players are used to codes and signs and outsiders have to decipher what they mean. Don’t be nervous about learning another new language or leaving behind the old one you grew up speaking. You don’t have to put a foreign word or phrase into the mix. Just make sure you know the meaning of the hand and the number and you’ll be fine.

Learning to read poker faces is also important to staking your chips properly. How can you tell if a player is bluffing or if they have a real good hand? Well, apart from forehead tickingers and such, you can tell if someone has a good hand or a bad one by their hand selection. If they are a calling station or limp, they are more likely to call another person’s raise. If they limp in with a lot of money in the pot, and you are pretty sure that they have the best hand, you could raise them, they may call you. Remember, most players who limp in are hoping you have a better hand than them, so while theirs is a better hand than yours, it stills beat yours.

Them not folding to your raises is another important aspect of super aggressive play. If you are used to seeing people fold to your raises, you’ll keep TAG into a tight space by bluffing occasionally. It’s also a mistake to let people see you are making a big raise, because they are more likely to call you unless they have a monster.

Finally, for those super aggressive No Limit Texas Holdem poker players, you don’t necessarily have to have a monster to be super aggressive. You just have to be aggressive, and not play so tight that players will fold to your raises. The fact is, some of the best hands in Vegas88 don’t even have very strong cards. They are just made stronger by aggression.

Are you wondering exactly how to implement super aggressive No Limit Texas Holdem poker strategies? Well, the answer is as simple as the question. You need to bet aggressively. But you don’t need to bet like a maniac. Sure, you’ll need to raise with hands like AJ, KQ, AK, and the like, but you don’t need to raise like you would aces or kings, if anything, you should raise like you were going to go all-in. If you can successfully bet aggressively without revealing that you have a hand, it makes it easier to win the pot.

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How to Located And Play Online Bingo – Unbeatable Tips!

How to Located And Play Online Bingo - Unbeatable Tips!

Tips to play online bingo are numerous, some you may already know and some may not. Internet is the great equalizer, the knowledge to know the different terms and information on the effects of the numbers on the board and the laws of probability or the count of the cards you are holding, you can play to make the numbers fall into a specific pattern and thus win.

Bingo is played with a number board and a bingo ticket. The ticket is the board which has the total numbers that may be repeated. You must mark the numbers on your tickets in a distinct pattern. The ‘Blackout’ technique, in which the numbers are simply marked off on the card is simple and effective.

The online bingo sites display the different patterns with the numbers. The regular patterns are displayed, such as the full house, Order, or Royal Flush, or the Lucky number sequences. The more complex patterns are essentially the ones you make, the more required levels of your own ‘tech-iques’ to play the game.

The rules for the prizes may vary, and may also change from site to site, as they are regulated by each site, and the house tends to have a slight edge. Most people who play bingo play for the fun, hence the reason why we play bingo, in whatever form or however we enjoy our game of bingo. Each player tends to have his/her own specific reasons for playing bingo, whether it may be the thrill of marking off the numbers, the gathering of heritage codices, or even social reasons involved.

In the UK most people play bingo out of curiosity more than anything else, the UK is the bingo super state, with a population of about 70 million people, over 60% of the UK Babys are playing bingo.

It is unclear exactly how many people play bingo in Togel SGP, but considering the level of competition in the bingo market, it is likely the figure is high.

Bingo is all about the banter, the chat and of course the prizes, but in bingo Tuesdays it’s the age old tradition of playing bingo in punt, curves and elaborated glamour fairytales, that tie the British love of overcrowded towns, to the lovers of bingo, of course.

  • Know your limits and play to them, but of course, you will have to pay out at some point and as they say, half, half… Half the pleasure if you can, save that moolah for a rainy day.
  • One of the biggest myths that the Lottery Women discover is that they can predict the numbers, it’s just a myth and, like most myths, spread by people who don’t know any better.

Women do like to have many affairs, it’s the winning lottery ticket that leads to the mega millions. Watch for those lottery cheats though, the more you know about the game and the greater your odds become.

Wives also like the appearance of wealth, it’s the blink of an eye that attracts the eye; it’s not the hand of a major league player. The favourite pastime pastime of middle aged women, known as mums is also about warding off the advances of a suitor.

So it’s all rather healthy and, when you come to think of it, if you win a few quid on the lottery, it’s like getting hit by lightning, it’s like winning the lottery, it’s like buying the latest mobile, it’s like dropping coins into a coin slot.

Unless you win a big one, it’s no good spending your last bit of cash on a lottery ticket, then you can delete the impression of spending a fortune on lotto.

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How To Introduction to Stud Poker

How To Introduction to Stud Poker

Poker is a family of card games that has more or less the same betting rules and hand rankings. There are different types of poker games. These differentiations are made on the basis of how the cards are dealt in the game. Variations exist on how the cards are dealt, whether the highest or the lowest hand wins and on betting specifications like the limit placed on the bet or the number of betting rounds allowed. One such variation of poker that is very popular among poker players is stud poker. In this article we will find out more about stud poker.

Stud poker is a variation of the standard game of poker. In this variation each card is dealt with a face up on the table. This means that the cards each player is holding will be able to guess what card the opponent has. This game is played with the normal 52 cards the usual way. The cards are dealt in the normal fashion. When playing stud poker, a player can bet after everyone has done their deal. This is called the Bring In. The Bring In is usually done by the player left of the dealer just before the need to split the cards.

Stud egp88 is played in casinos. Different from other variations, stud poker relies much on the ability of the players to remember what cards their opponents have and what cards they need to stay in the game. This is the reason as to why this game is most often found played in casinos. The majority of stud poker games take place in casinos. Therefore, if you want to have the variations in casinos play this game.

When you are playing this type of poker, the highest card in the deck is worth more than the low card. The reverse is also true, meaning that the lowest card worth more than the highest card. The value of the cards dealt is important in this variation of poker. The value of the cards dealt is the number of points each card is worth which is 11 in the example. In this game, the player has to try to make the lowest value hand possible, this also reduces the chances of the player to get a natural hand of the five cards.

The winning hand in stud poker is the five cards hand. This can be formed using the combinations of the face up cards and the three cards that are face down. The players should always refers to the trio of cards formed as the ” Halls” to bet on. When a player can not form a hand of three cards of value, he should drop the bet. This is because the chances of the player to obtain a hand of the highest value of five cards is much lower than the chance to attain the lowest value hand which consists of the three cards with the highest value.

There are special variants of stud poker, which is more well known as the Seven Card Stud Poker. This game is dealt in groups of three. Before dealing, every player is given two face down cards by the dealer. Once dealt, players should examine their cards to decide whether they have a good hand or a bad hand. For example, two of the players should split, while two of the players should stand. The player with the lowest card value as compared to the dealer’s card should start the first round of betting, that player can either bet, raise or fold.

In stud poker, the highest card in the deck is Analyzed. This means that the highest cards available in the deck should be placed in the deck. For analyzing the deck, the player has to count the number of cards from two to tenivable. After this, the player can indicate how many cards remain in the deck. It should be remembered that the analyzation must be done before betting starts.

There are five steps in this game. The first is exposing, modeling,aying, calling, raising and folding. Depending on the results, player should bet, raise or fold. Player should analyze their hand and call, raise or fold. The second step is calledoading, which means that a player should add a bet to the initial amount in the pot. The third step is the showdown. This is the moment players have to show their cards. The player has to expose their cards and announce their hand. This is followed by the fourth step, called therefolding. Especially when the hand leads to a bad fold, a player should take some time to think whether they are beat or not.

The last step in stud poker is called thecall, which is actually a trick. This is done when a player has a good hand and matches the bets to the final result. There are different situations that call can be used. One example is when a player has a hand that is not the best but has some potential. With this example, the player can call because the opponents may have better hands. When this happens, the player might not lose too much money.

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A Brief Instruction on Playing Baccarat

A Brief Instruction on Playing Baccarat

Baccarat is a card game that has only three possible outcomes. Either the player wins, or the banker wins. Baccarat has a long history, but its origins are still unclear. Many suggest that the name baccarat is a corruption of the word for zero, the number 2. However, some say that the word baccarat is derived from the word for fish, as in the English word baccarat.

In its early days, baccarat was played in the Bahamas as a game of chance. It was brought to the US in the 19th century, and then became popular in the Mississippi River towns. It was an instant hit, and at the same time, gambling was outlawed in many states, making it hard to play.

Since the beginning, baccarat has been a favorite at casinos, being an easy to learn and play game that most people liked. Baccarat in the old days was played with a normal deck of 52 cards, but today, with the advent of the game on the internet, many casinos offer baccarat tables that use a special shuffling machine that makes shuffling the cards much easier.

With the advent of online casinos, playing baccarat has become more convenient. Now, casino baccarat is available online in most internet casinos. In online casinos, the software automatically shuffles the cards for the player, and the play goes on much as if the cards were being played on the real table. Players like playing baccarat online, as the game is available any time of the day, at almost any place.

Playing DewaGG online is a good way to take advantage of its popularity and to learn the game for free. Many sites make available free downloadable software that has the rules, online tutorials, plus bonuses, promotions, and practice play, so that new players can learn the game and practice their skills against realistic players.

The net casino bonus baccarat is very popular to attract new players. Newcomers can get a bonus of as much as $5,000 up to $100,000 to play baccarat. Besides, there are many sites offering baccarat games. The game is easy to learn. The player has to decide whether the hand he is holding is the winning hand or the losing hand.

In the online version of baccarat, the cards are dealt with the first two cards face up, and the third card face down. The active player (the player who placed the bet on the current hand) deals, and the banker (the person who will receive the winnings if the hand proves to be the winning hand) deals in the opposite direction. When a hand is complete, the cards are returned to the rotation of cards, and the next hand begins.

In this game, the cards that are dealt from the shoe (dealer) to the players and the banker are counted. The values of the cards are counted for the purpose of hand odds, and the casino odds are computed. If the cards have the same value, then the banker will take the card with the highest value, and the player will take the card with the lowest value. But, if the cards are different, then the player will have the first card, and the banker will have the last card.

As far as the hand is concerned, the ace counts as a one, and the face cards as zero. The player draws a total of four cards to compute the total number of cards that can be arriving to the player. The strongest hand is the royal flush, and this happens when the cards are in a sequence, and contains an ace, king, queen, jack, and ten (all of the same suit). There are less likely to arrive a streak of that nature, so royal flushes are rather rare.

The game of baccarat is not played with a single deck, but with several betting lots. This means that the players have to place bets on whether they will achieve a royal flush, or a better hand. If you draw a royal flush when playing, then you have to pay a five percent commission to the casino.

You have to bet in $chips or $units to play the game. The units are softwares you can download from the internet, which enable you to play the game. You use your credit card to buy the chips or to pay the fees. A unit is usually the size of a penny. These chips ensure that you play with real money. Instead of tokens, you use the money to play the game. When you win, you can either withdraw the money, or the original chips from the retailer.

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Understanding the Basics of Online Bingo

Understanding the Basics of Online Bingo

Bingo is a game of luck and chance. It has increased in popularity since its inception in the 15th century. When the game was first introduced it was mainly played by women who were against children and family life. The game was played in brown paper bags usually called ” bearer bags”. The game was played for the equivalent of money with no bid at a price.

Online bingo is very similar to the game which was played in the old days. Online bingo is a game of chance as it is a game of luck which needs no bid to play. The software will choose the numbers and the player has to click on the numbers on his card to win the game. There are many variations of the game of bingo.

There are many variations of the dewalive of bingo. The game includes all the rules of the original game of bingo. You can find 90 bingo balls in a bingo hopper. The bingo balls which are drawn are announced at a pool of numbers. The person who is hosting the game will announce the numbers once the bingo balls have been drawn.

In each game there are different number combinations you can get in your card. The only difference is the patterns used to show the numbers on your card. In some games you can get only one line. This is one of the variations of online bingo. With the introduction of online bingo, the game has reached a stage where people can play in the comfort of their homes rather than in a large stadium. People of the right age can enjoy playing the game. Children as young as 6 or 7 years old can try their hand in the game. This helps in checking the audience and helps to improve the sport.

There are many people who have discovered the game of online bingo and they play the game for fun or to earn some extra money. It is very interesting to play the game sitting at home and chatting with a lot of people. The game is very interesting and the rules are very easy to understand. If the child is above the age of 10 they can play the game. Sometimes the rules and the variations of the game are different from the version that is played in the stadium.

The game of bingo online is a lot of fun and the rules are criterion of the age group. If you have to take your pick from a list of bingo cards, you can select the ones you think will suit your requirements. This is a very simple method of selection and this is one of the best methods of discovering what the person’s favorite sport is. It gives the value for your money and it has no other alternative.

Questioning the rules of the game is a sure way of getting to learn more about it. When you have learnt about the game through rules and explanations then you can play the game. This gamblers a fun and a money making venture. Gamblers love free money and this is one of the reasons that educations are free. This is the reason for free bingo game. If you are a new gambler you can win lots of money by playing free bingo.

Most of the online bingo sites theme the members and the money of the members. It is through these themes that the Online Bingo sites can sell their members. Gambling is one of the things that makes the game of bingo tickle the fancy of every age group. Gambling is one of the most interesting things to everybody and in this case the gambling is not just confined to the members but in addition to this it is available to the visitors as well.

These games are of two types- the 75-ball type and the 90-ball type of the game. Obviously the 75-ball type of the game is simpler to play with a limited number of balls. These balls are drawn in order to get the winning numbers in the case the game is to be ended at the end of the game. You can find this type of the game in markets.

When the game is referred to as 90-ball bingo, then it means it will be played with a number of balls. This can be seen as a soft version of the game and the players can make more use of it. However, the odds of the game are not less when compared to the other. Blackout or astray score is the term used in the game of bingo to mean that a player has scored 90 points as a result of his or her game.

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Roulette Game Techniques – Can You Beat And Beat Roulette

Roulette Game Techniques - Can You Beat And Beat Roulette

In this article, you will know the different game techniques that you can try in order to have a successful game of roulette. Could you do these techniques in a real casino? If you do, then you will surely beat roulette.

  1. Patterns.

Have you seen the pattern in all those roulette games? If you have, then you have correctly identified the source of the problem. It is in the past of the spin and the associated numbers. Often you can see 36 consecutive numbers of a red color or a set of numbers repeating on the roulette wheel. In American roulette, there is the “double zero” which makes 36 numbers if you are lucky.

To beat this wheel, you need to search for a pattern and bet on it. For example, on a single number, between 1 and 12, there is an absence of another number (only between 1 and 12). Bet on the numbers that you see and you will have a good chance to win. This is true no matter which roulette system you use.

  1. Numbers Are In Order.

If you do the same thing, you will hit the winning streak within the game. Normally, all numbers of a roulette wheel should be there, but sometimes they are not. At these times, it is best to stay away and wait for the next spin.

The secret in roulette game is not to trust any online guides because they are not always reliable and some are just designed to cheat you. You can always get a book written by a qualified author to learn the basics and develop your own strategies.

  1. Marquee Seeker.

This technique is sure shot to help you find the winning sequence. This technique works on the base of selecting the right spot on the marquee. Usually, in the center of the marquee, around the edge, there should be a single number. If you place your bet on this number, you will win if the ball drops on it.

If you are lucky, you will see the streak of winning numbers. If you are not lucky, you will see the number that is not dropped. But, today, I must say that you should use this technique while you play online because placing your bet is not required.

  1. Bias Analysis.

If you have been playing roulette for a long time, you must be familiar with the phenomenon of bias analysis. This is an important roulette secret which can help you to identify the number which has the highest possibility to appear.

When you play online, the number that you want to bet on is not automatically picked. You have to actually click on it and get lucky. If you are a number punter, you know that two out of the 20 numbers may have a higher probability to appear than the other numbers. This happens because online roulette has a greater number of numbers compared to the number of slots in a traditional roulette game.

When you run a shop, or the casino, you definitely have a biased number which you have not used for a long time. This is the right time to bet. But, you need to make sure that you bet on the right number. If you bet on the same number every time, you will be invincible. Be careful not to click the bet button more than once because you might have a habit of clicking the bet button more than once.

  1. Play Online Roulette Games Wisely.

Online MPO500 games are quite easy. You can play with only one credit and you can start playing anytime you want. Before going to the casino, it is advised to play online roulette games with friends and family members. This will enable you to have an Actual Roulette Table to practice. If you are very good, you can take a chance on the actual table and bet real money.

If you are use to playing the roulette games in casinos and you think you are very suitable to the Roulette Wheel, you should go for it. But, always remember to have fun because it is for a joy, not for money purpose. The best thing to enjoy with the roulette games is to play with your family members and friends attracted by your enthusiasm.

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How to Be Successful in Sit N Go Poker

How to Be Successful in Sit N Go Poker

We are seeing an increase in the number of people looking for information on how to be successful in sit n go poker. This is quite understandable, as very few people actually make any real money at poker by playing sit and go poker on the internet.

At the beginning stages, poker is usually played in small groups of three or four. Some people would consider this to be a waste of time, as you really have nothing to gain by playing in such small groups, however others see it quite differently. The truth is actually that there are actually some excellent players in small groups, and the same can be said for the number of poor players.

The first thing you have to realize about sit n go poker is that it is not a game of patience.itty card to be played, when money is involved. This means that you will not get very many hands to play, thus you have to be prepared to fold quite often. To not worry about this too much, you can set aside a certain amount of money each day, which you both can and definitely should do, and ignore what your email tells you.

Do not even buy into a sit n go tournament if you are in the first 10 or so places, because the player(s) above you will definitely be playing tight and you tiers are likely to be weaker.

The middle stages of a sit n go tournament will generally offer up some telltale signs. If you are in the last 10 or so places, you should be alternating between tight and loose play, depending on the number of players left, and the people in the blinds. Try to get into a position where you are in the majority pretty often, because this is the time when you can really make a statement with a lot of the players that are still in the game. Some players like to slow down a little bit in the middle though, just to make a statement that they are still contenders.

The first hour of a sit n go tournament is usually fairly loose, as people are still adjusting to the new players in the game. If you have a pocket pair, you should play aggressively, especially against the unknown players. Many of the players will be just going through the motions, and will not really have a good hand. At this stage, you should be flipping over every hand you get, unless you have a monster. In that case, you want to wait for the big hands to come, which don’t come very often.

If you really want to win a sit n go kartupoker tournament, the first thing to keep in mind is to be aggressive. Don’t be passive, and try to steal the blinds or try to make a move and work your way up to the top dogs. If you play aggressive and bet when you have a good hand, you will certainly put other players in a situation where they are not sure about their game. This is the most important thing to remember about poker tournaments, and it is more important than the strategies you may have learned in your entire life.

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Menakjubkan! Ini Dia 4 Partai Politik Terbesar Di Dunia Dengan Jutaan Anggota

Menakjubkan! Ini Dia 4 Partai Politik Terbesar Di Dunia Dengan Jutaan Anggota

Jika di Indonesia ada Gerindra, Golkar, PDI hingga PKB yang memiliki jumlah anggota cukup banyak, siapa sangka jika ternyata masih ada beberapa partai politik terbesar di dunia yang anggotanya mencapai jutaan orang. Disebutkan bahwa keberadaan anggota partai yang sangat banyak tersebut menjadi keuntungan tersendiri bagi pemimpin partai dan wakil-wakilnya untuk bisa terpilih dalam suatu pemilihan umum, baik itu pemilihan presiden ataupun gubernur.

Namun, untuk menjadi partai politik terbesar di dunia tidaklah mudah karena membangkitkan kepercayaan masyarakat untuk memberikan dukungan selalu diikuti dengan realisasi atas apa yang dijanjikan ketika melakukan suatu orasi. 

Beruntung beberapa partai tersebut mampu mewujudkan janji tersebut hingga pada akhirnya berjuta kepercayaan dari berbagai lapisan masyarakat didapatkan dengan mudah dan kini partai tersebut tumbuh besar dengan jumlah pendukung yang semakin banyak layaknya jamur di musim hujan.

Deretan Partai Politik Terbesar Di Dunia

Mengingat peran dari partai politik yang sama sekali tidak bisa terlepas dari perkembangan sebuah negara, tidak mengherankan jika setiap negara memiliki beberapa partai politik dengan anggota yang jumlahnya berbeda-beda. Selanjutnya, eksistensi partai politik tersebut juga dipengaruhi oleh jumlah pendukung yang ada. Sebagai gambaran umum, berikut beberapa partai politik terbesar di dunia yang memiliki jutaan pengikut.

  1. Partai Demokrat

Di Indonesia Pun, nama partai Demokrat juga tidak asing lagi mengingat partai ini telah berhasil membawa perwakilannya yaitu Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono untuk menjadi sosok presiden selama 2 periode. Namun, tahukah Anda jika di Amerika Serikat, partai ini dianggap sebagai partai politik terbesar di dunia karena jumlah pengikutnya yang sangat besar. Selain dianggap sebagai partai terbesar, democrat juga merupakan partai tertua yang memiliki anggota seperti Hillary Clinton serta Donald Trump. Disebutkan jumlah anggota partai ini sebanyak 41.341.965 orang di tahun 2016.

  1. Partai Tehreek-e-Insaf

Selain di Amerika, di Pakistan juga terdapat partai politik terbesar di dunia yang dikenal dengan sebutan Partai Tehreek-e-Insaf yang berdiri pada 1996. Partai yang dipunggawai oleh Imran Khan yang merupakan mantan pemain kriket. Di tahun 2013 silam, partai ini juga dinobatkan sebagai partai terbesar di dunia dengan anggotanya mencapai angka 10 juta jiwa yang tersebar di seluruh dunia. Selanjutnya, dalam pemilihan umum tahun 2013, partai ini berhasil dalam mendapatkan suara sebanyak 7.5 juta.

  1. Partai Sosialis 

Tidak hanya di Amerika dan Pakistan, di Perancis juga ada partai politik terbesar di dunia yang populer dikenal sebagai Partai Sosialis. Dikabarkan bahwa partai ini telah berhasil dalam menarik setidaknya 70.000 anggota sehingga dalam sebuah pemilihan umum, partai ini berhasil mendapatkan suara sebanyak 40%. Dengan fakta tersebut, tidak mengherankan jika partai ini kemudian dikenal sebagai partai terbesar di Prancis.

  1. Partai Komunis 

Salah satu partai politik terbesar di dunia di Tiongkok yaitu Partai Komunis. Jika di Indonesia aliran Komunis sangatlah ditentang oleh pemerintahan, akan tetapi hal ini sangatlah berbeda dengan negara Tiongkok yang ternyata memiliki partai tersebut dengan anggota yang mencapai 88 juta orang di tahun 2016. Dengan jumlahnya yang sangat besar, siapa sangka jika partai ini juga berhasil dalam menguasai setidaknya 70% kursi parlemen.

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Selain beberapa partai politik terbesar di dunia tersebut di atas, ada juga partai Bharatiya Janata yang merupakan partai politik terbesar dari India. Disebutkan bahwa keberadaan partai-partai tersebut telah memberikan sumbangsih dalam pembangunan negara untuk tetap eksis di dunia. Tanpa hadirnya partai politik, maka sebuah negara tidak ada yang memimpin karena semua wakil rakyat baik itu, DPR, MPR hingga presiden semua berangkat dari partai politik yang dipilih oleh rakyat.

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Peluang Dalam Pengembangan Blockchain Indonesia

Peluang Dalam Pengembangan Blockchain Indonesia

Blockchain merupakan serangkaian blok yang isinya informasi digital. Masing-masing blok mempunyai komponen dengan sebutan hash. Hash merupakan suatu set karakter sebagai penyusun berbagai informasi di blok. Jadi, contohnya, blok negara Indonesia mempunyai informasi tentang Jakarta, Denpasar, Surabaya. Komponen hash-nya merupakan karakter yang ada di ketiga informasi itu, contohnya JAD PSB. Hal inilah yang dirasakan nanti atas pengembangan Blockchain Indonesia.

Pengembangan Blockchain Indonesia Dan Berbagai Negara 

Perkembangan dari Blockchain terus mengalami peningkatan di berbagai negara di setiap tahunnya. Alasannya, teknologi tersebut diklaim dapat meningkatkan kerja perusahaan juga efisiensi bisnis. 

Selanjutnya, bagaimana peluang yang ada atas pengembangan Blockchain Indonesia?, Gilang Bhagaskara, selaku Direktur Utama Blockphere Indonesia mengutarakan prediksinya serupa dengan negara lain, Indonesia direncanakan menjadi salah satu dari negara yang ada di dunia yang akan memanfaatkan teknologi tersebut ke depannya. 

“Peluang dari proyek blockchain di Indonesia begitu luar biasa. Adanya prospek implementasi teknologi tersebut ada dalam setiap industri,” jelasnya.

Gilang menjelaskan bahwa pada perusahaan telah melaksanakan proyek untuk implementasi blockchain dalam industri telekomunikasi, transportasi, pengawasan lingkungan, exchange, perbankan, pemerintahan, hingga agrikultur.  Artinya, proyek ini bisa menjangkau implementasi dalam bidang kehidupan manusia yang luas. 

“Perlu diketahui juga, sebelumnya Blockshear sudah membantu menyajikan berbagai solusi Blockchain-as-a-Service dalam salah satu perusahaan telekomunikasi di Indonesia, termasuk juga solusi e-Pertanahan dan pembayaran multi-QR,”Ujarnya. 

Solusi lainnya yang didesain Blocksphere, dinyatakannya masuk dalam solusi kumpulan dana dalam pertanian, supply chain dalam sebuah online e-commerce juga implementasi solusi carbon credit blockchain pertama dalam organisasi resmi pencatatan pada carbon credit Asia

Pengembangan Blockchain Indonesia Dapat Mengintegrasikan Data

tahun 2019, dari Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia juga Blocksphere melakukan Finbacks dengan PT Bank Central Asia, Tbk, dalam sebuah blockchain hackathon paling besar di Indonesia dengan melingkupi 4 kota juga ribuan pesertanya.

“Masa depan negara Indonesia ada pada blockchain,” Ungkap Production VP Blocksphere Indonesia, Jean-Daniel Gauthier. 

Dia juga menyatakan, bahwa blockchain bisa membantu Indonesia dalam mengintegrasikan data dalam jumlah yang besar tanpa terjadinya konflik untuk mereka yang berkepentingan. 

Pengembangan Blockchain Indonesia Diharapkan Mendorong Pertumbuhan UMKM

Kadin Indonesia telah bekerjasama dengan Blockchain Asia Forum atau BAF melaksanakan Global Blockchain Investment Summit atau GBIS. Kegiatan ini adalah sarana tukar menukar informasi juga pengalaman dari stakeholder pada bentuk lokakarya juga seminar, business matching di antara pemimpin bisnis. 

Rico Rustombi, selaku Wakil Ketua Kadin Bidang Logistik dan Rantai Pasok menyatakan bahwa, implementasi teknologi dari Blockchain begitu bermanfaat untuk industri logistic dan utamanya memperpendek proses dari distribusi logistic. Rantai distribusi yang pendek bisa membuat proses dari distribusi penjual ke konsumen menjadi lebih ringkas serta mudah. 

Hal ini, selanjutnya bisa memberikan dampak pada terpangkasnya cost biaya dari logistic, ada beberapa perusahaan logistic dunia bahkan telah mengambil keuntungan dari pemakaian teknologi blockchain ini. Jadi, bagi mereka para UMKM bisa mengimplementasikan dengan blockchain secara nyata dan bisa digunakan untuk solusi kehidupan sehari-hari dalam menjalankan bisnis tersebut. 

Pengembangan Blockchain Indonesia dengan mengimplementasikan data-data diharapkan bisa diimplementasikan di semua bidang industri, bukan hanya itu saja dengan adanya Blockchain juga diharapkan semakin mendorong pertumbuhan UMKM yang terus berkembang di Indonesia.  Bahkan, dengan adanya teknologi blockchain tersebut diharapkan Indonesia lebih aktif lagi dalam menghadapi dan menerapkan industrialisasi 4.0 yang sekarang terus berkembang di berbagai negara di seluruh dunia, dan kini waktunya Indonesia untuk mengikuti langkah mereka.

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